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KeepMoving Records: "AK-47" music by Sergei Stern

KeepMoving Records teams up with composer Sergei Stern by releasing his thematically rich score for the ambitious biographical picture AK-47 (aka Kalashnikov). Directed by Konstantin Buslov, the film tells the story of inventor and designer Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov whose name has become synonymous with automatic weapons. The film chronicles the long and thorny path the self-taught innovator traveled to create the legendary AK-47 weapon at the age of 28, while also discussing the controversial legacy of his greatest innovation. The digital version of the score is released by MovieScore Media.

“This score is extremely melodic and is the result of our close collaboration with the director, Konstantin Buslov, and 40 piece strings orchestra,” says Sergei Stern about his contributions. “There is a main theme that appears in the ’Main Title’, Kalashnikov’s theme that appears and develops in ’Childhood Invention’, ’Creation’, ’Parade’. There is also a Russian-Village Theme portraying Kalashnikov’s childhood: his family, his past – I played balalaika and accordion on this one and this theme is featured in the ’Letter /Injury’ track. Kalashnikov’s love story develops throughout the entire film and the love theme, that I enjoyed doing in particular, comes to a climactic moment in one of my favorite tracks, ’Romantic Meetup’.”

Sergei Stern is a classically trained composer with music band background and a deep interest in electronic music. He has scored a dozen feature films and over 80 short films, while his music can be heard in various feature films, TV shows and video games. Some of his selected credits include The Envelope (2017) and Queen of Spades 2: Through the Looking Glass (2019) (both produced by AK-47 director Konstantin Buslov) and the upcoming Cicada 3301 (2020) by Alan Ritchson []
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