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Intrada: "THE LAST CASTLE" (2CD) music by Jerry Goldsmith

Expanded and remastered Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack on 2 CDs! Dreamworks Pictures presents, Rod Lurie directs, Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Clifton Collins Jr., Delroy Lindo star. A clash of wills, a test of strength… behind bars! Gandolfini is the military prison warden, Redford the new inmate with a twist: he’s also a decorated general, not accustomed to following but leading, now a fallen hero just doing his time. Before long his ideals put him in conflict with the warden’s and the other prisoners find themselves “pawns” in a giant chess game with their lives at stake. The chess metaphor (note the film’s title) anchors the increasingly dangerous game playing out between the two protagonists. 
An all-out battle looms ahead. Complex film had the misfortune of being completed just as the terrible events of September 11, 2001 took place. The impact affected the mood and outcome of the film itself with the American flag as a centerpiece. In fact, Jerry Goldsmith completed his score close to the terror attacks and named his primary theme, “September 11, 2001”. The incredibly moving, solemn minor-key theme plays typically on solo trumpet, scored by the composer for ace trumpeter Malcolm McNab, who contributes a personalized paragraph in the booklet notes specifically for this release. But the score offers much more: as conflicts build, Goldsmith increases the tension as well. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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