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" KILLING SMALL ANIMALS" music by Oscar Fogelström

Horror short ”Killing Small Animals” premiered at Gothenburg Film Festival and is currently doing festival rounds. It has already won several awards, and is screening at HollyShorts, an Academy Awards® Qualifying Festival, in November. []
A desperate attempt to alleviate the loneliness, sadness and anxiety of a woman (Louise Peterhoff) further and further into the destructiveness. What begins with a crushed butterfly soon takes on unimaginable proportions and in the beautiful environments a gasping psychological thriller develops where we are thrown beyond all control.

Ett desperat försök att lindra ensamhet, sorg och ångest för en kvinna (Louise Peterhoff) allt längre in i destruktiviteten. Det som börjar med en krossad fjäril tar snart oanade proportioner och i de vackra miljöerna utvecklar sig en gastkramande psykologisk thriller där vi kastas bortom all kontroll. 
Horror/drama film soundtrack featuring small string ensemble and other treated acoustic instruments.
Music and additional performances by Oscar Fogelström
Cello by Derryn Cullen
Violin by Jessie Morgan
Mix by Rich Aitken
Oscar Fogelstrom... As a composer, his music and creativity has shaped and underpinned film and tv productions for the past 20 years. One of his clients was Lasse Hallström for whom he composed the score for Sweden's entry for the Academy Awards 2013, "The Hypnotist".

Coming from a “pop music” background, Oscar incorporates many elements from the world of pop music production into his film scores. He uses analogue synths, electric guitars and various outboard gear mixed with traditional orchestral instruments to create an interesting blend of sounds in the style of Cliff Martinez, Johánn Johánnsson, Trent Reznor, Nils Frahm etc. []
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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