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Walt Disney Records: "Star Wars™: SQUADRONS" music by Gordy Haab

Available today, Walt Disney Records releases the Star Wars™: Squadrons Original Video  Game Soundtrack, featuring score by award-winning composer Gordy Haab.  The album is the audio companion to the Electronic Arts Inc., Motive Studios and Lucasfilm immersive, first-person, Star Wars™ space dog-fighting experience, Star Wars™: Squadrons, released today.

The game features thrilling 5v5 multiplayer star-fighter combat along with an original Star Wars™ story set after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. In this authentic new story players will speed to the front-lines of an escalating conflict experienced from the alternating perspectives of two customizable pilots, one serving the New Republic and the other the Galactic Empire.

Recorded with a world-class orchestra at Oceanway Recording in Nashville, the soundtrack includes 26 pieces from the game with a retro, stylized feel reminiscent of the iconic films that launched the Star Wars™ franchise decades ago.  The music was produced by Olivier Asselin, Gordy Haab, and Steve Schnur.

Haab said, "One of the greatest honors in my life has been composing music for Star Wars projects, and Squadrons is no exception! Every fan's childhood dream is to fly one of the iconic ships; self included. So I set out to compose a score that would exhibit my own excitement about hopping into an X-wing and going full throttle. Much of the Star Wars: Squadrons soundtrack features the full power of a symphony orchestra. But along came Covid-19, and our final recording plans were derailed. But, where many might have said recording an orchestra is impossible, EA's head of music, Steve Schnur and I saw an opportunity to meet the challenge head on, by recording the remaining music with an orchestra of the world's finest player at a time - one instrument per day. And frankly, the results are outstanding. All this to say; Covid is no match for my love of Star Wars. I truly hope everyone finds playing the game as inspiring and I found writing its music!"

Steve Schnur, Electronic Arts' President of Music said, "Creating the original score for any new Star Wars title may just be the most formidable challenge in music to begin with. And when Covid hit, Gordy was forced to finish from a home studio by recording the best musicians in the world one instrument at a time. Even under those circumstances,  his score has surpassed all expectations: Squadrons once again proves that Gordy Haab is one of the few composers who can consistently enhance the Star Wars legacy."

Gordy Haab is a multi award-winning film, video game and television composer who has written music for many well-known titles, including: "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" Microsoft's "Halo Wars 2", and EA's "Star Wars: Battlefront" I and II. In 2020, for the second time in three years, Haab won ASCAP's Composers Choice award for Video Game Composer of the Year.

Haab's score for "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order", which he co-wrote with composer Stephen Barton, won Music of the Year at the 18th annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards. For "Star Wars: Battlefront", Haab won Music of the Year, Best Interactive Score, and Best Instrumental Score at the 14th annual Game Audio Network Guild Awards, and was nominated for a BAFTA for Excellence in Audio Achievement.  Haab also scored Activision/AMC's 'The Walking Dead', based on the #1 hit TV series and Microsoft's 'Kinect: Star Wars', which won Best Music at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards.  He continues to compose the music for EA and Bioware's 'Star Wars: The Old Republic', for which he was awarded Best Original Soundtrack and Best Instrumental Music at the 10th Annual GDC G.A.N.G. Awards.

Haab is known for his unsurpassed understanding of the orchestra as well as his unique ability to blend contemporary and traditional sounds into one - often times conceiving and creating brand new musical instruments to feature in his scores.  He has recorded and conducted his music with orchestras from all around the world, including The London Symphony Orchestra, The San Francisco Symphony, The Nashville Symphony and the Hollywood Studio Orchestra.

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