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Silva Screen Records: "Professor T" music by Hannes De Maeyer

Silva Screen Records will digitally release Professor T, the original soundtrack for Britbox / ITV drama, composed by Belgian Award-winning composer Hannes De Maeyer. The TV soundtrack for the original Belgian series was also composed by De Maeyer.

The executive producer for the ITV’s re-imagining of the Belgian drama is Walter Iuzzolino of C4’s Walter Presents. The series premiered in the UK in June on BritBox before its 18th July debut on ITV. It is also currently being aired in the USA on PBS. The original Belgian series ran from 2015 on C4 with series 3 currently available to stream.

Described by The Guardian as having “an abundance of imagination and characterization”, the show follows Professor Jasper Tempest a genius Cambridge University criminologist with OCD and an overbearing mother, as he advises police. The show stars Death in Paradise‘s Ben Miller, Frances de la Tour and Juliet Aubrey.

Hannes De Maeyer (Gangsta, The Racer, Torpedo, Rafaël, Black) is one of Belgium's most versatile composers, best known for his collaboration with director duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah on Gangsta and Black. His scores range from pure electronic to impressive symphonic instrumentation. The Cine Journal comments on De Maeyer’s work: “Belgian composer Hannes De Maeyer is hands down one of Europe’s most versatile composers. One need look no further than his gorgeous soundtrack for the Belgian war drama ‘Torpedo’, which summons the flair of old Hollywood war scores; or ’Gangsta’, a thriller imbued in 80s nostalgia with its old-school electronic sonic world; or the tense soundscape he crafted for the Amsterdam-set crime series, ‘Women of the Night’.” Review Graveyard gives the score for Torpedo 10/10 - “De Maeyer delivers an epic score, packed with original themes, that will send shivers down your spine.”

In Professor T, De Maeyer introduces a beautiful main theme with a pulse and purpose, and variations of it can be heard throughout the score, supporting the characters and giving scenes greater layers and depth. Though versatile, De Maeyer is primarily a thematic composer with talent for melody, character and orchestration.

The single Morning Routines, taken from the album Professor T will be released on August 6, 2021.

Score performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra, conducted by Peter Pejtsik
Cello Solos: Joe Zeitlin
Upright Bass: Chris Bonner
Flute Solo: Yuri Villar

Release date: August 20, 2021
Digital album: SILED4910

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