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MovieScore Media: "Zana" music by Dritero Nikqi

Original score from the 2019 drama thriller film directed by Antoneta Kastrati, starring Adriana Matoshi, Mensur Safqiu and Astrit Kabashi, produced by Crossing Bridges Film and released by Synergetic Distribution (USA) and Matchbox Films (UK etc).

Haunted by her long suppressed past and pressured by family to seek treatment from mystical healers for her infertility, a Kosovar woman struggles to reconcile the expectations of motherhood with a legacy of wartime brutality.

“Working on Antoneta Kastrati’s film, Zana, was one of my most challenging experiences, both as a composer and a sound artist, first of all for the reason that her courageous sharing of her wartime trauma is also a collective experience for most of us involved in this film. In that sense, it took a deep dive in that part of the psyche that tends to keep those memories in a closed box, therefore it took an extensive seeking through sounds in order to reach a fitting aural description and authentic emotional impact to match the weight of Zana‘s narrative. This had impacted my approach in using more unorthodox techniques in creating the sound that would represent the inner noise of suppressed trauma, but also that of human pursuit of normality and the strange way it travels in doing so. So, not only the film demands a representation of all of those extreme ranges of emotion, but also there is ‘the object’ that is invovled there as a secret door, the VHS tape of Zana. That element features heavily – this by tape manipulation on Nagra recorder, tape effects, recording and splicing on VHS tape, and distorting the field recordings from the film set – on almost all sound design and music. At the end this is contrasted by the string quartet piece and the song that features the vocals of Fatime Kosumi – ANDRRA – which arrive as a release to all the tension that is prevalent throughout the film.” – Dritero Nikqi

Composer and sound engineer Dritero Nikqi mainly focuses on experimental music and audio-engineering. Within this framework he has co-founded the collective Punëtori Muzikore and started the recording studio, Studio C, both in Prishtina. He has been part of numerous expositions and performances, plays in different bands and has been the sound director for several documentaries and feature films. His latest credit is the Swiss/Kosovo short film Four Pills at Night.
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