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MovieScore Media: "Dos" music by Diego Navarro

Original score from the 2021 thriller feature film directed by Mar Targarona, starring Pablo Derqui, Marina Gatell and Kandido Uranga, produced by Rodar y Rodar Cine y Televisión and released by Filmax (Spain).

A man and a woman wake up naked in a room with their abdomens attached to each other.

“Scoring Dos has been such a journey in all aspects, professionally and on the personal level. Trying always to be loyal with my writing, I attempted to experiment and step outside my comfort zone. The film, as an original psycho-thriller is based on the philosophical concept around number two. Not only all the mathematics relations, but also the fight between two opposites poles, the Yin and Yang and the eternal attraction they feel finding, at the end, unexpected common points. From the film’s initial concept, I decided to create the score following the ‘two’ premise. All the music has been created around number two. From Socos Duo (cello and marimba) who plays a main role in the score, together with the orchestra and the use of electronics, the structure of all the pieces, time signatures used, main intervals of the theme, rhythms, harmonic transitions between each piece, orchestrations, etc. All has been created taken into consideration number two, its multiples and its mathematic relations. The score ends with a transcendent piece with the cello soloist playing a main role, and going beyond: They met and no matter the circumstances, being detached or not, they will recognize each other forever…” – Diego Navarro

Diego Navarro is one of the most renowned names in Spanish film music nowadays. His latest works have received several awards and nominations like his World Soundtrack Award nomination for Passage to Dawn, and a double nomination to the IFMCA awards, for Capture the Flag. His music for The Mauthausen Photographer was nominated for ‘Best Orchestral Score’ at the XI Gaudí Awards and the II Spanish Audiovisual Music Awards. Navarro is also the director of Fimucité, the Tenerife International Film Music Festival, which will celebrate its 15th year in September 2021.
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