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Ginger... Snaps...

Ginger Snaps - The Beginning
A film by Grant Harvey
Katherine Isabelle
Emily Perkins
It is 1815. Cold and lost, red-haired Ginger Fitzgerald (Katharine Isabelle) and her black-haired sister Brigitte (Emily Perkins) ride a large horse through the winter wilderness. They come upon a ransacked Indian camp, deserted, save for an old Indian woman who warns them that they must “kill the boy, or one sister will kill the other”. Frightened, their horse breaks loose of its tether and bolts. While chasing after the horse Brigitte steps in a bear trap hidden in the snow. At that moment a wolf crashes out of the forest and stops growling inches from the immobilized Brigitte. A whistle restrains the wolf and a native warrior, tomahawk in hand, approaches the sisters. The native Hunter (Nathaniel Arcand) slams his tomahawk into the snow and tends to Brigitte’s wound before escorting the sisters to Fort Bailey, the only settlement for hundreds of miles.

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