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SHANE WALSH (Jon Bernthal)

Shane is Rick’s partner in the sheriff’s department, and best friend since high school. When the apocalypse occurred, and with Rick stuck in a coma, Shane helped save Lori and Carl by getting them out of their small town and heading for Atlanta. He was the last to see Rick in the hospital and is tortured by his responsibility in leaving him there, but also knows he never would have been able to save Lori and Carl if he hadn’t left Rick. He made an impossible decision that he’ll never be able to fully justify, to himself or to Lori. Among the group of survivors, Shane has become the de facto leader, a position he enjoys. He always lived in Rick’s shadow and while he never consciously resented it, he’s relishing his newfound position of authority. However, when Shane’s leadership within the group is challenged, it pushes him over the edge, and he begins losing his temper and his control with increasing regularity, making him reckless, erratic and dangerous to everyone around him.

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