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Hideaways [2011] - Eric Neveux

Hideaways [2011] [500 Units]
Available: December 20, 2011
Released By: MovieScore Media
Composer: Eric Neveux

Info: Award-winning composer Eric Neveux has written a beautifully melodic and harmonically rich orchestral score for Agnès Merlet’s acclaimed fantasy drama. Essentially a love story, the film is about a young man who possesses an extraordinary power which ultimately forces him to retires to the depths of the forest.

Neveux’s music for the film underlines its fantastic elements and gives the story the musical form of a darkly romantic fairy-tale. People will compare the writing and approach to that of many fine Danny Elfman scores – but with a distinct European voice, more fully developed thematic ideas and perhaps somewhat more economic orchestrations.

Music is beautifully performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra in London under the baton of veteran film music conductor Allan Wilson. MovieScore Media releases the soundtrack in collaboration with UK label Pale Blue, who are also handling the digital distribution of the album.

The Depth of the Forest (Theme from "Hideaways")   
The Furlongs   
Another Baby   
A Boy Like No Other   
Stronger Than Illness   
Shadow in the Woods   
The Curse   
Escape from the Real World   
Abandoned Souls   
Mae and James   
Night at the Hospital   
Waking Up the Birds   
Extraordinary Powers   
The Sacrifice   
Two Lovers   
The Story of James   
With Love and Faith - Bless   
Hideaways (bonus track)

This is a whisking score bringing the fantasy/drama style to each note by Eric Neveux as you go from track to track. Some of the highlights like; "Shadow in the Woods", "The Curse" and "The Sacrifice" really bring out a certain charm and epic heights to the overall score. There is also a song "With Love and Faith" by Bless which brings a beautiful close to all ready a fine score.

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


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