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The Innkepers [2012] - Jeff Grace

The Innkepers [2012]
[500 Units]
Available: January 31, 2012
Released By: Screamworks Records
Composer: Jeff Grace

Info: Ever since composer Jeff Grace (Stake Land, The Last Winter, The House of the Devil) and director Ti West took their first impressive steps with The Roost in 2005, MovieScore Media has been among their most devoted fans and supporters. This is the fourth Grace/West score that we release and we are proud to witness the rise and growing success of these two great talents. Jeff Grace’s music for The Innkeepers is ingeniously atmospheric and somewhat old-school in its orchestral approach, eerie, yet quite melodic - there is something about it that reminds us of Jerry Goldsmith in the 70s and 80s. The quality of the score has already been confirmed at Screamfest where Jeff Grace won the festival trophy for ‘Best Musical Score’. As with many films Grace has scored, a lot of reviews of The Innkeepers single out the score as one of its strongest elements and one the fits Ti West’s directing style extremely well. As music on its own it stands out as original, fresh and inventive. And... scary as hell!

01 The Innkeepers 
02 Claire’s Room   
03 Right Behind You!    
04 The Garage   
05 The Story of Madeline   
06 The Pendulum   
07 What Does She Want?    
08 The Pendulum Breaks   
09 Special Memories   
10 I Gotta Get Outta Here!    
11 Last Bit of Nostalgia   
12 Claire Falls   
13 Epilogue   
14 End Titles (Suite from The Innkeepers)

Are you scared, I ask again are you scared? Well you should be Jeff Grace does it again in his latest release "The Innkepers" and he seems to know how to push the plain of on how to scare us. Grace's work is becoming well-known in the horror community as well in his edgy untamed style is making him one of the best composers in the last several years. If you have not heard his music I encourage you to check out this and other works: The Roost/Joshua • The Last Winter • Trigger Man • I Sell the Dead • The House of the Devil / I Can See You

-Jeremy [Two Thumbs]


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