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Cinedigm: ANNIE OAKLEY - 81 Episodes [11 dvds]

“ANNIE OAKLEY” Complete TV Collection - Featuring All 81 Episodes of the Emmy® Nominated Western Classic,

The Entire Compilation With Collectible Booklet Arrives On DVD October 21

Relive the iconic 1950s Wild West adventure when “Annie Oakley” Complete TV Collection arrives locked and loaded on DVD for the first time as a full set on October 21 from Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) and produced by VCI Entertainment. Nominated for an Emmy in 1955, the acclaimed series stars Gail Davis, hailed by renowned actor Gene Autry as “the perfect western actress,” Jimmy Hawkins (“Pettycoat Junction”) and Brad Johnson (Counterspy, Bedtime for Bonzo). Considered to be one of the first television shows to successfully portray a woman as independent, with courage, dignity and honor, “Annie Oakley” is based on the legendary sharpshooter of the same name and originally aired from 1954 to 1957.

Set in the frontier town of Diablo, AZ, the series follows the adventures of Annie and her sidekick, deputy sheriff Lofty, as well as her mischievous little brother Tagg, as they clean up the streets of their quiet city by rescuing law-abiding neighbors and arresting outlaws.

An 11 disc set featuring every episode from the show’s three seasons and a collectible booklet, the “Annie Oakley” Complete TV Collection is packed with bonus features, including a never-before-seen documentary about Gail Davis, photo galleries featuring 100s of photos from Gail Davis’ personal collection, the original TV pilot starring Billy Gray as Tagg and more.

“Annie Oakley” is a western anthology fictionally written around the life and adventures of legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley.  Together with her brother, Tagg, and sidekick Lofty, Annie maintains law and order in the town of Diablo.


·      New 2014 documentary about Gail Davis
·      Seven photo galleries, including 100s of photos from Gail Davis' personal collection
·      Original TV Pilot starring Billy Gray as Tagg
·      Eight page episode guide
Changed the face of the common cowboy stereotype and made it her own, may we remember... in this extreme 11 dvd set, to relive it all!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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