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Lionsgate: Birds Of Paradise [DVD]

Why hide in the crowd when you were born to stand out? On November 4, the high-flying animated adventure Birds Of Paradise arrives on DVD everywhere from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Awarded with the DOVE Seal of Approval, this film features an all-star cast including Drake Bell, Ashley Tisdale, Ken Jeong, Jane Lynch, Jon Lovitz, Keith David and Dallas Lovato. Hailed as “a charming animated tale…for the entire family” by The Dove Foundation, the Birds of Paradise DVD featuring all-new bonus material including a look behind-the-scenes of the voice recording sessions as well as a sneak peek at award-winning animated Miniscule shorts. 

When Jack, an ordinary sparrow with dreams of becoming an extraordinary bird, is accidently covered in colorful paint, he is thrilled about his new exotic appearance and believes that he’ll now be able to impress Aurora, a beautiful canary who has recently escaped from her indoor cage.  But when Aurora’s mean owner, Mr. Potter, finds her, Jack must enlist the help of his best friends - Vinnie, the loyal pigeon and Skeeter, the hyper hummingbird as well as Rosie, the caring bat and the wise Old Buzzard in order to free her. And along the way, Jack and Aurora will learn that it’s not what you look like on the outside, but who you are on the inside that truly counts.
Like a bird on a wire... meet the FLOCKERS!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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