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Lionsgate: Covert Operation (DVD + UltraViolet)

The best special agent in the business delivers punch after punch in Covert Operation arriving on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and Video on Demand November 11 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring 5-time World Karate Champion, Seydina Balde, the film follows a bounty hunter as he fights his way out of imprisonment and torture in eastern Asia. Chock-full of action-packed fight scenes and world-class karate, the Covert Operation DVD, containing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.

Gabriel (Balde), a bounty hunter trapped in Asia, is promised his freedom in return for one final rescue mission.  On his search for a missing British secret service agent named Witaker, Gabriel travels somewhere between the border of China and North Korea, where the mission takes a turn for the worst.  Captured and on the brink of torture in a North Korean military holdout, Gabriel discovers that Witaker and several others are at the same compound, and to win everyone’s freedom he must break out and defeat the North Korean military compound on his own.
Hell Yeah!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]


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