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Lionsgate: Women of the Bible [DVD]

Dive deep into the rich history of some of the most famous, influential and inspiring women in the world when Women Of The Bible arrives on DVD November 18 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Released just in time for the premiere of the epic Lifetime® miniseries event “The Red Tent,” which tells the story of the biblical figure Dinah, daughter of Jacob, this collection features seven complete HISTORY® documentaries chronicling the lives of the most iconic female biblical figures. For fans of the HISTORY® “Stories From the Old Testament” and “Stories From the New Testament” sets, the Women of the Bible, two-disc DVD.

The Women of the Bible represent a diverse and intriguing group — powerful, independent, romantic and brave.  Their narratives come to life in this DVD collection revealing their often surprising stories. Mary of Nazareth endured nearly lifelong ridicule and scorn while standing by her son. Queen Esther courageously saved the Jews from certain death, while the beautiful Sheba dazzled Solomon, legendary King of Israel, and inspired some of the Bible’s most erotic love poetry. The popular story of Delilah reveals how her name became synonymous with treachery and deceit.
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