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Howlin' Wolf Records: Six Strings - Season 2 Issue 3 [2017]

Interview with Composer... Nicholas Britell on film 
The Lego Batman Movie by Lorne Balfe (Review) by: Kaya Savas
DOCTOR STRANGE is Magically Delicious! by: Jason Lee Knight
Interview with Composer... ROLFE KENT and the animated Film “Rock Dog” [2017]
Cthulhu Worshippers: Is the Rise of Themed Anthologies Good For Horror? 
By KC Redding-Gonzalez
Let’s Play! The Ouija Board By: Christina Persaud
BEST/WORST OF 2016 By: A Space Blogyssey
Interview with Composer... Cris Velasco 
"Talking about the Video Game “Resident Evil 7 Biohazard”
Interview with Composer... “Michael Abels” talking about his work on the FILM “Get Out”
The Space Between Us [2017] Music by: Andrew Lockington [Review] By James Southall
Interview: Howlin' Wolf Records "Executive Producer" 
Benjamin Chee about "Collaborations".

And all our favorite things; FILMS, MUSIC, BOOKS, ETC.
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SIX STRINGS Season 2 Issue 3

Had many great interviews, stories and great things... Maybe you could take a look?  As always I wanted to thank all those who have helped make this thrive, we all work very hard to bring you this... so thanks again!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Downloading it now Jeremy! Looking forward to the interview on Lego Batman