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Caldera Records "a ESMORGA" by Composer Zeltia Montes

Caldera Records is proud to present the original score for the motion picture “A Esmorga” from 2014, directed by Ignacio Vilar. Eduardo Blanco Amor’s novel of the same title is one of the most well known books in Galician language, but although it was already written in 1959, it took 55 years until a film based on the book was made in the Galician language with Galician actors. The book and therefore the film tell the story of three struggling men and accompanies them for 24 hours while they roam through the city, visit the pubs and brothels, before they find their tragic end. The film was a major hit with audiences and critics and became the most successful Galician film to date. Now, three years later, Caldera Records pays tribute to its achingly beautiful score by Zeltia Montes. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION]

A pleasantly sweet score, the work done by composer Zeltia Montes are charming and moving. I find myself in a place a complete at easement, nicely done and this is another grand release from "Caldera Records". I am encouraged to seek out more recordings after listening to this score "A esmorga"... thank you!
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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