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Lakeshore Records: "NUDE" Music by REZA SAFINIA

NUDE - a feature-length documentary – explores modern perceptions of modeling, nude photography and body image connected to the evolving social media landscape documenting a group of women working as professional models today. The film chronicles the casting and creation of Steve Shaw’s inaugural NU Muses project, a high-end calendar photographed by David Bellemere that celebrates the forgotten art of the classic nude, set to debut at Art Basel in Miami.

Photographer Bellemere, recognized for his unique light, colors and composition, is observed as he brings his distinctive methods and visual style to a fine art calendar of nude photographs. The impact of how social media shapes the lives his subjects, the young NU Muses models, are brought to light. The film also looks at the creative and business aspirations of Shaw, founder of treats! magazine, a European-inspired, multimedia brand merging high fashion, photography and sensuality.

ABOUT REZA SAFINIA - Reza is a multi instrumentalist composer raised in London and living in Los Angeles. Prior to composing for film, he was a Universal Music songwriter and record producer/engineer with work spanning from pop (Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears) to underground (Freestylers, Ms Dynamite). Records featuring his work have achieved number one chart status in various countries.

Reza is drawn to complex stories involving multi-layered tones and characters. In “Nude”, Reza studies the work of photographer David Bellemere, and his relationship to his subjects. Reza was moved by David’s passion for his art, and set about capturing the emotions and dynamics of the photographer and model in music. For Reza, the creative process was almost as though he was painting nude portraits, except in harmonies not oils and canvas.

To capture his abstract portrayal of nudity and sensuality in music, Reza composed a basic theme, inspired by the work of Erik Satie on piano. This was in essence the “pure” nude, from which all the others were derived. The following tracks take the listener on a journey of sensuality using electronica, string quartets and guitars sweeping in lush reverbs. These different elements flesh out the complexities of the characters from the documentary, exposing everything from natural innocence through histories of dark abuse and to triumphs of the spirit.

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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