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KRONOS RECORDS! Finishes the Year Out Right!


KRONOS RECORDS is once again very proud to champion a composer from the land that seems unable to stop popping amazing composers for film, Spain! And the composer in question is José Sánchez-Sanz; known for his work on I' LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS (2003), H6 DIARIO DE UN ASESINO (2005) and THE SYMMETRY OF LOVE from 2010.

249. LA NOCHE EN QUE UNA BECARIA ENCONTRÓ A EMILIANO REVILLA is a soundtrack that oozes sophistication and quality, a work that is innovative, lingering and exciting, but moreover one that is entertaining and rewarding.  It is a brooding soundtrack and a slow burning score, as it has three musical personas, the sad and slightly romantic face being underlined by a richly dark and unsettling side that itself is given more power and credence by the composers fertile and imaginative orchestration skills, that make the work sound larger than it is. Then we have the delicate and fragile character of the work which percolates through the shadowy and nervous material, the composer at one point adding a fleeting and ever so subtle accordion sound that is not that pronounced or prominent but still gives the work that something more, making the listener take even more interest in what is building musically.  This is a score that initially sounds European, which given the composers origins is a somewhat accepted conclusion, but then we have another sound or style that begins to filter through and intertwine with the already established Euro sound, this gains momentum as the score develops and has affiliations to the Hollywood thriller score of both today and yesterday.

The CD is strictly limited to 300 copies so make sure to get yourself one now!


KRONOS RECORDS has always been fond of composers from all eras of music and hailing from allover the world, however Spain seems too be bubbling with them so here is once again another titles by another up and coming Spanish composer, Jorge Granda. The score in question is for the 2015 short "ARTIFIITIAL (ARTIFICIAL)" from director David Pérez Sañudo

Xabier  goes for a job interview. What he doesn't know is that he has already been selected. CORPSA offers to pay him 80,000 if he agrees to be cloned. But more than just a lot of money depends on his decision.  The music for this film is synth based as synthetic is the clone CORPSA wants to do but not cold and emotionless, au contraire the score is an homage to 80's syth scores, but with the composer's own touch, bringing in a touch of mystery, suspense through dark ambient influenced passages.

The CD is our most limted one so far at only 150 copies so make sure to get yourself one now because this one will go very fast!


KRONOS RECORDS and MOVIESCORE MEDIA present another sublime score from Scandinavian cinema. Written and directed by Vibeke Idsøe based on the 2006 novel by Norwegian author Erik Fosnes Hansen, The Lion Woman tells the tale of Eva Arctander, a girl who suffers from a rare genetic disorder which makes hairs grow over large parts of her body. Born in 1912 while her mother dies during childbirth, Eva’s father initially tries to hide his daughter, but Eva cannot be held back from achieving her dreams. Despite humiliating examinations and bullying, Eva still falls in love, experiences respect and disrespect and discovers company by joining in a theater group featuring other folk who also suffer from rare diseases. The film follows Eva through ages 7, 14 and 22 in a most unusual coming-of stage story.

Composer Uno Helmersson explores the uplifting story of Eva with an emotionally evocative, thematically rich score exploring all three stages in the girls development in accepting herself. As the composer puts it: “The Lion Woman is a story about being different, trying to make your way through life. It is also a story about the complex relationship between a father and daughter – guilt, pride, judgement and love. The music in general comments both the inner as the outer world of Eva and her voyage. It also emphasize the relationship between Eva and her father Gustav. With its slightly melancholic, driving, beautiful and magic world – it takes you on Eve´s journey through life.”

The Lion Woman soundtrack features additional music by Kristian Eidnes Andersen, best known for his contributions to the films of Lars von Trier.

The CD is limited to 300 copies and will not last long!


KRONOS RECORDS is proud to present our first release by very talented Italian composed PAOLO VIVALDI, composer of OLIVETTI-LA FORZA DI UN SOGNO, VISO D’ANGELO, THE TEACHER, I CERCHI NELL’ACQUA and the very well known EXODUS and starring Enrico Lo Verso, Alessandro Mallia  and Giancarlo Giannini.
Vivaldi’s score for the picture is symphonic with a minimal amount of synthetic support and enhancement and is written predominantly for strings, piano and woods, these elements acting as a foundation on which he builds the remainder of the thematic material. The composer underlining and enhancing the movies, dramatic, comedic and at times heartrending moments superbly. Vivaldi, utilizes solo piano within the soundtrack to purvey delicate and fragile atmospheres, creating emotive and haunting musical nuances and interludes. The composer also employs a beguiling Female wordless voice at certain stages of the score which is underlined by cello and further embellished by subtle piano, a combination that is not only affecting but highly effective. The score is not only melodic and alluring, but also contains a richness and has a luxurious musical persona, Vivaldi, shaping, adapting and tailoring his already emotive and melancholy sounding music to suit every scenario that we encounter within the picture. There is also a more rustic side to the work, which comes in the form traditional sounding Sicilian flavoured pieces, which personally evoked memories of Luis Baclov’s soundtrack for IL POSTINO. But, it is the delicate and more melodic thematic material that attracts one to the score, and within the movie the composer does manage to get the correct balance and enhance rather than overpower with his subtle nuances and lingering tone poems, plus creating a rich and attractive work.

The CD is limited to 300 copies.


KRONOS RECORDS is once again proud to present another hidden gem by Italian Maestro STELVIO CIPRIANI, composer of War Devils, The Bounty Killer, The Anonymous Venetian, Blindman, Death Walks on High Heels, Baron Blood, Rabid Dogs, Suor Emanuelle, Voices from Beyond, She, The Black Spider, The Boy & The Lion, Death, Deceit & Destiny Aboard The Orient Express and many more. This time is the turn of QUEEN'S MESSENGER from 2001, starring Gary Daniels in the role of Captain Strong, featured also Romina Mondello and Academy award winner Christoph Waltz and directed by Mark Roper.
It is an action-driven, uptempo orchestral score, however the composer also manages to include a lush and romantic sounding side to the soundtrack with strings that swell and rise and solo piano that is delicate and alluring, which adds a degree of fragility to the proceedings.

The CD is limited to 300 copies and will not last long!

It's a great time for music, here is something for everybody!

Jeremy [Six Strings]

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