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MovieScore Media: "Skybound" Music by Andrew Reich

MovieScore Media takes to the skies with Skybound, the new action thriller score by German composer Andrew Reich. Written and directed by Alex Tavakoli, Skybound finds five friends on a small airplane in the middle of some strange events. When the group mysteriously loses their its radio connection on a trip from New York to LA, it turns out that maybe they are better off in the air. As they continue their flight, they’re forced to assume that a major disaster happened on the ground. They discover a stowaway, Erik, who urges them not to land at any cost. Before they run out of fuel, they must find out the truth…

The high-octane action thriller score is provided by Andrew Reich, who combines the reflective piano parts for the majesty of flying with heart-pounding percussion as the simple plane ride turns into a nightmare.  As the composer explains: “Besides a typical score with orchestral elements, Alex wanted some let’s called them ’up-in-the-sky’ sounds. We had to create a palette of flying 3D effects to give the images more depth especially in scenes where you have exterior shots.”

Andrew Reich is an award-winning film composer, who previously worked on several European and American feature films. Trained by Hollywood veteran composer Christopher Young and German Film Score Guitarist Andreas van Wangenheim, Andrew started scoring for films in 2006, while graduating with a diploma degree in classical music. In 2011 Andrew’s score for Quirk of Fate gained him a Tech Award at the Long Island Film Expo, NY. Besides Skybound, his more recent credits are the 360 Virtual Reality adventure Walhalla and the upcoming western Bullet Vein. ""
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