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Varese Sarabande: "THE SON" music by Nathan Barr

Pierce Brosnan stars as charismatic Texas rancher Eli McCullough in, "The Son," a sweeping family saga on AMC based on Philipp Meyer's same-title best-seller. Focusing on on Eli's transformation from hard-working family man to paranoid, calculating killer, Eli is desperate to ensure his legacy by building a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth.  The album is composed by Nathan Barr, and features three original vocal performances, including one from Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.

01. Main Title 00:37
02. Short List 00:48
03. Waiting for Robert E. Lee Vocal by Frank Fairfield 2:49
04. Strapped Horses 1:22
05. Family Destroyed 3:01
06. Aftermath 4:50
07. Always A Risk 1:37
08. Steel Arrow 1:45
09. Escoute Home 2:24
10.Young Eli Returns 3:19
11. Trouble Begins 1:43
12. Battle Continues 2:40
13. Ghosts of Eli's Past 2:00
14. Loving Maria 1:47
15. Bad Apples 3:26
16. Photo Montage 1:19
17.Wedding 3:00
18. Oh! You Beautiful Doll Vocal by Charissa Hogeland 3:02
19. Eli Roams 2:37
20. Eli's Speech 2:19
21. Then I'll Kill Him 00:57
22. Shooting Resumes 1:53
23. Seemed A Better Way Vocal by Billy F. Gibbons 5:38
Jeremy [Six Strings]

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