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Varèse Sarabande: "KRYPTON" Music by Pinar Toprak

Varèse Sarabande announces KRYPTON  - Original SyFy Series Soundtrack. The CD will be available March 8th to coincide with the season 2 premiere. The LP will release on Red/Orange Galaxy vinyl on April 13th for Record Store Day. The album features one of the hottest developing talents within the composing world for TV, Film and Games, Pinar Toprak (CAPTAIN MARVEL, JUSTICE LEAGUE).

Toprak’s music for Syfy’s Superman prequel, KRYPTON, follows her score on the FORTNITE video game, Save the World; the most widely played new game in 2018.  An average of 8.3 million people were playing FORTNITE concurrently in November alone. After her incredible contributions of additional music to DC’s JUSTICE LEAGUE, Pinar Toprak was chosen to compose the highly anticipated Marvel movie, CAPTAIN MARVEL. The first female composer to score a major comic book movie, Toprak continues to prove herself as majestic as the superheroes her music exalts.

Centuries before Truth, Justice and the American Way, the grandfather of Superman, Seg-El, must redeem his family’s honor in DC and SyFy hit television series KRYPTON. With a cosmic evil reaching through time to destroy the House of El before the rise of its heroic scion, can the forbearer of steel prevent the destruction of much more than just his family or is more than just the planet doomed. KRYPTON is executive produced by David S. Goyer (MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy).

KRYPTON  - Original SyFy Series Soundtrack will be available March 8th on CD and April 13th for Record Store Day on Red/Orange Galaxy vinyl.  Season 2 of KRYPTON will premiere on March 21, 2019. Visit for this and other great soundtracks today. []
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