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Monstrous Movie Music: The Brain From Planet Arous/Teenage Monster [2012]

The Brain From Planet Arous/Teenage Monster

Monstrous Movie Music

The Brain From Planet Arous/Teenage Monster (MMM-1968) proves that dreams can come true. Walter Greene’s amazingly inventive score for the 1957 John Agar/Joyce Meadows B-movie classic is here in amazing fidelity and in its 43-minute entirety. Easily the greatest score for a film about a giant, evil, floating, sex-crazed brain from outer space, the music provides endless fun and incredible artistry. Greene scored the movie without a string section, instead incorporating four saxophones into his powerhouse orchestra.

In case this isn’t more fun than your brain can stand, 1957’s Teenage Monster might not be a classic flick, but Greene’s background score can now be heard on its own.

5/5 I cannot express to you all, no matter what this label should release... you will not be disappointed!! 75 glorious tracks... of classic films....
-Jeremy [Retro-Z]


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Maurice Mitchell said...

"Sex-crazed brain from outer space" LOL Aren't they all?