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EVERLY [2015] - Bear McCreary

EVERLY [2015]
Music by Bear McCreary
Signed Limited Edition Cd run of 360 units

Sparks & Shadows is proud to release Bear McCreary’s relentless score for Joe Lynch’s film EVERLY, an action packed thriller starring Salma Hayek as a femme fatale who takes no prisoners and unleashes the ultimate vengeance against a sadistic mob boss and his army of assassins. McCreary’s music features searing electronics woven together with Eastern Taiko-drum rhythms so powerful they inspired Lynch to name the film’s villain Taiko. The soundtrack also features a stirring rendition of “Silent Night” performed by vocalist Raya Yarbrough and Christmas songs—old and new—written, arranged, and performed by Brendan McCreary.

La-La Land Records has arranged for 360 Bear McCreary autographed cds to be sold exclusively through the La-La Land website. Once the signed 360 units sell out, they are gone for good. Unsigned editions can be purchased through The album will also be made available on iTunes and other fine online digital music stores.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

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