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Lionsgate: Secrets of a Teenage Witch: Magic of the Red Rose and Jungle Master [DVD]

Secrets of a Teenage Witch: Magic of the Red Rose: Get ready for Valentine’s Day with the newest adventure from everyone’s favorite teenage witch. Sabrina - Secrets of a Teenage Witch: Magic of the Red Rose arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand January 6th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Inspired by the Archie comic, “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch” airs weekdays on Discovery Family Channel (formerly the Hub) and has received two 2014 Daytime Emmy® nominations including “Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program” for Ashley Tisdale. The Sabrina - Secrets of a Teenage Witch: Magic of the Red Rose DVD.

Join Sabrina, the Teenage Witch™, for a magically exciting adventure! Whether she’s preventing Werewolf Flowers from causing havoc, enduring a bad date with a snobby warlock, reuniting a baby dragon with its heartbroken mother or rescuing her best friend Jessie from the clutches of an angry sprite, Sabrina casts a spell of bewitching fun!

Jungle Master: When an evil scientist threatens the planet, courage and true friendship are put to the test in order to save the rainforest in the thrilling animated adventure, Jungle Master, arriving on DVD (plus Digital), January 6th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for its “wonderfully charming story” (The Dove Foundation), the beautifully animated film is currently available on Digital HD and On Demand. Jungle Master features an all-star voice cast including Victoria Justice, David Spade, Josh Peck, Jon Lovitz, Christopher Lloyd and Jane Lynch. With special features including a look at the cast’s experience in the recording studio and award-winning Miniscule bonus episodes, Jungle Master.

When Rainie runs away from home after her mom forgets her birthday, she is magically transported from the big city to an enchanted jungle in an unfamiliar land, where she meets Blue. With the help of Blue’s grandfather and their newfound friend Mulla, they embark on an epic adventure to help Blue become the leader he is destined to be, and save the rainforest from the villainous Boss Cain.

Animated is not just for the boys anymore, so there... look around you still might see some monkeys and cats.
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