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Silva Screen Records: GRANTCHESTER [2015] - John Lunn

Silva Screen Records will release the GRANTCHESTER –Soundtrack to the Television Series, digitally on January 20th.  The album features original music composed by John Lunn (DOWNTON ABBEY, THE WHITE QUEEN).

“It was a joy to work on,” Lunn comments. “I like to think of the music as a kind of ethereal impressionism where the music comes down from Heaven in order to help Sidney crack these crimes of passion, confront his demons and assist with his love life, though I think in series one God was more successful with the first two than the latter!”

Grantchester is a detective drama set in a 1950s Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester near Cambridge, where local Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton) develops a sideline in sleuthing - with the initially reluctant help of grumpy Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green). The series is based on The Grantchester Mysteries books written by James Runcie.

Lunn continues, “I was thinking of fifties and sixties Italian movies to begin with but gradually moved towards a more modern score using electronics, solo piano, clarinet and string orchestra. Nevertheless the original inspiration is still buried in there somewhere.”

The GRANTCHESTER – Original Television Soundtrack will be available digitally on January 20th.

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