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For the 1994 IMAX film The Journey Inside, the filmmakers knew they wanted a big, theme-driven sci-fi score —and when the composer of Return to Oz was available and interested, they were thrilled. Oz was packed with memorable character themes, motifs and sumptuous orchestration; it is now considered a classic and a high point in Shire’s career.  And that's what they wanted for The Journey Inside. "We were agreed that it needed a good meat-and-potatoes, sci-fi, symphonic score,” said Shire.  This is apparent right away in the main title, which establishes the film’s main melody -- a “hero” theme for the young boy. Rushed along on rippling strings and woodwinds, a French horn sings the tune—filled with optimism, adventure and wonder— Shire opens the saga with grand ambitions and gives the whole orchestra a workout, establishing the musical character to follow.

The 80-piece orchestra was blended with a few “spacey” synth voices (with names like “alien metal,” “computer piano” and “space chorus”), and recorded on September 9 and 10, 1993, at the old MGM scoring stage under the watch of veteran engineer Dan Wallin. “The score sounded just magnificent,” said Shire. “It was thrilling to have an orchestra that large.”

The Journey Inside tells of an alien race who come to earth to harvest its food supply, but see a threat in the humans’ development of a computer chip that will allow them to “cross the critical threshold” and travel to the stars. After landing on earth, the squid-like aliens “juxtaport” from their cavernous meeting place to the Intel factory in an attempt to sabotage the production of Intel’s new “Project 5” (Pentium) chip. Fortunately for the human race, a young boy named Jimmy (Tim Farrell) witnessed the aliens’ landing and overheard their secret plans, and rushes to the laboratory just in time to stop their evil plot.

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