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Catch the Duck Dynasty® series prequel about the early years of the Robertson family business, with America’s favorite Ducks — Willie, Phil, Si, Jase and Jep in Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty™ arriving on DVD January 13th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Before they became America’s favorite bearded bunch, they were just a family from West Monroe, Louisiana — and here fans can get a glimpse of the Robertsons’ lives before the Redneck Nation came to be. Duck Dynasty® is one of the best-selling TV-on-DVD franchises in recent years, with over 3.5 million units sold. The Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty DVD.

Prior to hitting the big time, hunting, cooking, football and a successful duck call business kept the close-knit Robertson family flying high. Duck Commander: Before the Dynasty highlights nine entertaining episodes tracking the kinfolk from West Monroe to Vegas and beyond.  

Are you tired of hearing about this family, that is the question... well see it from the start before the beards were full.
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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