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MovieScore Media: "ATROPA" Music by Kevin Riepl

MovieScore Media launches into outer space with Kevin Riepl’s score for Atropa, the new Canal+ streaming series. The 7-part adventure consisting of 11-13 minute-long episodes tells the story of a troubled Off-World Officer, running from his past, but finding himself slammed directly into it when he boards the mysterious spaceship ATROPA. A love-letter to the grungy science fiction movies of the 70s and 80s, the seven episode digital series ATROPA features a twisting sci-fi plot, dazzling visual effects, and legendary genre actor Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Top Gun, Starship Troopers).

“The director of Atropa, Eli Sasich, and I see eye to eye when it comes to how music should work and what kind of role it should play in a story of this magnitude" says Kevin Riepl about the project. "Since we both share an insane love for all things sci-fi, working on the score for Atropa, from the very beginning of the first musical sketches to the final orchestra recording, has been very special. There is a lot of energy and emotion in this story and since the director and I are big fans of science fiction films, we agreed that the best way to capture and support this was employing the use of some traditional orchestra alongside 80s inspired synths & ambiences. On completion the score became a slight homage to 80s sci-fi.”

Composer Kevin Riepl is well-known to fans of video game scoring with his contributions appearing in various episodes of the Unreal Tournament franchise, Gears of War, the multiplayer first-person shooter Huxley and Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is based in the world of the Alien franchise. More recently, Kevin has been branching out into the world of film and television. His popular genres include horror movies with titles like Silent Night, Contracted and Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and animated superhero adventures such as the Batman Unlimited movies as well as Justice League Action.
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