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Milan Records: "MIRAI" Music by Masakatsu Takagi

Mirai is an upcoming Japanese animated film from director Mamoru Hosoda (The Boy and the Best, Wolf Children). Following a critically acclaimed run on the festival circuit, GKIDS will be releasing Mirai in the United States on November 30th, 2018.

Scoring duties came to Masakatsu Takagi, a frequent collaborator of Director Hosoda whom composed the unforgettable scores to Wolf Children and The Boy and the Beast.  The film follows Kun, a bratty 4-year-old boy, who comes across a magical garden. There he meets his future sister, Mirai, who is now a teenage girl and has traveled back in time to see him. A favorite in Japan noted for his delicate composition style, Takagi has again crafted a must-own score featuring his signature piano work peppered with boisterous eruptions of wondrous, youthful strings. Milan Records will be releasing the soundtrack to Mirai on November 30th, the same day as the film's release.

Born in 1979 in Kyoto, Japan, Masakatsu Takagi lives and works in Hyogo, Japan. He started his career as a visual artist, creating video art with his own music which played with his Piano and software processing. In 2001, His first album, Pia, was released by Carpark Records in the United States. Following other releases on Karaoke Kalk, he shifted his focus to playing the piano more specifically, in the form of intimate solo piano style, as well as in band settings and with larger orchestras as well.

In 2013, he moved from Kyoto to a very small village in mountains in Hyogo, Japan. With small slates of agriculture, he started to learn how to live in traditional living style of Japan.  A few years later in 2017, Takagi started working on Marginalia, consisting of daily piano recordings created in his private studio surrounded by the mountains, with a heavy influence of the sound of the adjacent nature from the studio’s open windows. These recordings, which encompass a duality of simplicity as well as a vastness that comes from the freedom from life’s distractions, began to represent not just a collection of new material, but a sightline into Takagi’s life in Hyogo. Milan Records will also be releasing Marginalia on December 7th on cd/digital/vinyl.
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