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Silva Screen Records: "CLASS" Music by Blair Mowat

Composer Blair Mowat’s distinctive soundtrack to BBC’s third Doctor Who spin-off, created and written by Patrick Ness.

Featuring a great young cast, Class tells the story of students and staff at Coal Hill Academy, who save London from alien threats; Whovian space monsters are set against teenage inner demons. Tackling adult themes, violence is more graphic then in Doctor Who, the body count rises as the season progresses and there are more adult themes and material.

In Class, Blair’s soundtrack perfectly underpins this Doctor Who off-shoot Universe. The music feels like a character in its own right and provides stylistic consistency.

Blair Mowat is a prolific composer of scores for film, theatre and television, with well over a hundred credits including award-winning feature films, TV projects, ballets and musicals. BAFTA nominated, 4Talent short-listed, award-winning composer, Blair was in 2012 nominated for a Creative Scotland Award for 'Best New Talent' in the Scottish arts.

His work includes a retelling of Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince for Sky Arts narrated by Stephen Fry, a ballet for The English National Ballet and the award-winning feature film Frequencies for which Blair created a musical world set in a parallel universe using rare instruments made from rock, glass and metal. Other television work includes music for the BBC’s flagship documentary strand Horizon.

Film credits include 7-Welcome to London, a British Bollywood thriller; Electric Man, which earned him a BAFTA nomination; and Magpie, by the internationally acclaimed director Marc Price. More recently, Andrew Carnegie: Rags to Riches, Power to Peace saw Blair Mowat return to his Scottish roots providing a musical score to the story of Andrew Carnegie's entrepreneurial and philanthropic life.

Release date: December 7th
Digital album: SILED1582
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