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MovieScore Media: "Oma maa" Music by Pessi Levanto

Coinciding with the film’s wide release in Finnish cinemas, MovieScore Media presents Pessi Levanto’s score for the historical romantic drama Oma maa. Directed and co-written by Markku Pölönen, the film is about the post-war reconstruction of Finland, following a heartfelt love story from the end of the war in 1945 until the country’s hosting of the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952. Starring Oona Airola and Konsta Laakso as the romantic leads, Oma maa opens on October 26, 2018 all over Finland.

As Pessi Levanto explains: “My score for Oma Maa is colourful and romantic but in a subtle way. It portrays the picturesque nostalgia of post-war Finland with pastoral themes but also has a bittersweet and slightly melancholic undertone as rebuilding the country was really hard and took its toll on people. My aim was to bring light and impressionistic flavours into the score leaving room for the characters and scenery to breathe.” The score build upon a richly symphonic tapestry (“Suite from Oma Maa”), orchestral tension for moments of great distress (”Opening and Ambush”, ”The Fire”)  but also includes some 40s flavoured jazzy band passages for the fun side of reconstruction (”The Bakery”) - in short, it tries to paint a complete picture much like the film does.

Pessi has scored fifteen full-length feature films, around thirty short films and documentaries plus miscellaneous spots and commercials. He has released seven records of his own and played in and done arrangements for dozens of others. His credits include the romantic comedy Body Fat Index of Love (2012) and the family adventure Rölli and the Golden Key (2013) and The Swedish Moment (2014). Besides his film work, Pessi is a sought-after arranger. His project Classical Trancelations with the Helsinki Philharmonics, had sold-out shows of orchestral versions of club music classics. []
On the link below, you can view a video, featuring a suite from the score: [CLICK HERE]
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