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SPOOKIES! Remember this one?

"Hey, look at that giant mansion in the middle of nowhere that somebody may or may not be living in that has a cemetery for a front yard. Let's go inside through the front doors and party." If you are riding around pointlessly through the countryside and one of your friends says that, be sure you punch him (or her) in the head because it is exactly that kind of logic that gets a group of twenty somethings (more like thirty somethings by the look of them) dead in the movie SPOOKIES.

I am not sure if there really is a plot to SPOOKIES. What I understand is that there is this old man wizard (played by Mr. Burns?) that has a line down the middle of his forehead that pulses up and down when he does magic type stuff. He probably does it sometimes just to be gross too but that is none of my buisness. The wizard's name is Kreon (pronounced crayon?) and he has a dead wife that he wants to resurrect from the dead. The only way he can do that is by capturing peoples' souls who die in his mansion. Along comes some "friends" that decide to stay in the seemingly abandoned house where they end up getting trapped inside. Surrounded by zombies from the outside our twenty somethings decide to split up and roam the house pointlessly allowing themselves to be killed off one by one by the mansion's strange assortment of creatures. Apparently the wizard wants them killed off in a creative fashion for his amusement. The wife however wakes up early for some reason and doesn't like being brought back so she herself tries to escape her evil wizard husband. At least that is what I think is going on in this mid-to-late eighties creature feature.

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Unknown said...

Oh my God!! I have got to see this again. THanks for sharing this crazy trope-filled cheese fest And yeah, anyone of my friends suggests a trip into a creepy house with a cemetery, it's clobbering time! A little Ben Grimm for some common sense.