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DOLPH LUNDGREN'S THE PUNISHER is highly underrated because I say so.

THE PUNISHER starring Dolph Lundgren is the second best Punisher film out of the three. Much maligned by critics and the nerdos out there this action packed comic book movie maybe far from the source material but I say take a closer look. Is it really? Is it really as bad as the nerdos on the Internet say it is? I say this Punisher film is a better made and smarter movie than most action movies in general.......And by "smarter" I mean this movie does what it is suppose to do better than most action movies.

The story simply put is about the Punisher getting mixed up in a gang war between the mafia and the Japanese Yakuza. The Yakuza are as cutthroat as they come killing any and all that get in their way including Peter Bear who apparently "really cares". After five years of killing mobsters the major crime families unite to stop themselves from killing each other. Unfortunately for them the Yakuza see their weakness and move in on the mobs territory. Unfortunately for the Yakuza however that territory happens to be the hunting grounds of the Punisher. Whoops.

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