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EXPENDABLES 2 IS THE BEST MOVIE OF 2012!!!.....Prob-Probably

I realize that I had some pretty low expectations for EXPENDABLES 2 so maybe this movie isn't as great as I think it is. Maybe after a few more hundred viewings I will see the flaws and missed opportunities that usually come with an expensive high dollar action movie boasting such a wonderful cast. Just to be safe I lowered the amount of exclamation points at the end of my title to this blog entry to just three instead of ten. This movie does have a strange small controversy surrounding the original rating for the film. Stallone himself did say that this was going to be a PG-13 style film but that Van Damme's performance was so awesome that no one would care. That statement was later denied completely and pretended by Stallone himself to have never been said reassuring us that this was going to be an uncompromising violent film pushing the R rating. I took that as they filmed for a PG-13 but panicked after nerd backlash (myself included) and pushed for R. Thank goodness you can C.G.I. blood easily onto digitally filmed movies. With all that said I can say that EXPENDABLES 2 was blast-tastic. It was a bloody good time. It was an action movie fans dream come true. I really thought the whole movie was really really neat.

EXPENDABLES 2 is about Stallone's crew on the hunt for Van Damme and his personal military force known as the Sang. What was originally a short mission retrieving plans from a crashed plane quickly turns personal when one of their own dies at the hands (or should I say feet, ha-ha?) of Van Damme. After watching the trailers I was pretty sure I knew how this film story wise would play out. I knew who would die and why there was a woman now a part of the crew. Well thankfully EXPENDABLES 2 threw me a curve ball. I was wrong. Way wrong which in this case was a good thing. The movie is a little unpredictable slightly in that respect. Most of the time you can call it before it happens. But that's no big deal. They try to give you a little surprise at the beginning but you can see it coming a mile away. But maybe that is just me. Maybe I watch way too many movies gaining way too much knowledge on how films play on audiences expectations. Maybe I should stop writing this nonsensical review and go outside and live life to it's fullest..........But there are spiders outside so on I go with this way too positive review.

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Creepy Glowbugg said...

I just tried to watch the first Expendables and had to leave the room. Is it just me, or does Mister Stallone look almost as freakish as his mother? I couldn't concentrate on anything else but his surgically altered eyebrows. I do have hope for the new film, but I'm afraid I've seen all the good parts in the trailers.