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Judging by the commercial and DVD cover of GHOUL from CHILLER FILMS I was expecting a fun type horror movie about three boys running around having adventures like THE GOONIES building a club house near a cemetery and having to deal with the title monster that lurks nearby.  Instead what I got was a movie about child abuse and child molestation.  I am dead serious, folks.  This movie has almost nothing to do with horror.  It plays out more like a really bad worse than usual Lifetime Original Movie and you know how much we all love watching those.

GHOUL is a misguided mess.  It advertises itself as a horror movie but when you sit down and watch the bland thing you will realize that this movie is spending a vast majority of its time dealing with the three main characters personal dramas.  The main kid's grandfather just died, his best friend is being touched inappropriately by his own mom and his other best friend is constantly being beat by his father.  That is pretty much the whole movie.  Every now and again a scene will pop up dealing with a creature that kidnaps girls and seems to be helped by one of the boys fathers but those scenes are few and far between and seem out of place with the rest of the film.  When you think that the movie couldn't get any more uncomfortable we are force to sit through a story about some guy whose wife went crazy and drowned her two infant boys and then committed suicide.  Eventually you do get to see the "ghoul" finally attack someone which leads you to immediately realize that there ain't no monster at all.  It isn't hard to recognize that it is a guy in a gillie suit posing as a monster. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING...


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