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Silva Screen Records: Doctor Who Series 7 [2Cd] - Murray Gold

Doctor Who Series 7 [2Cd]
Music by: Murray Gold
Long awaited by the fans, Series 7 has been uniquely made up of 13 self-contained stories and this 2 CD set offers a feast of new Murray Gold signature themes with music from each and every story.

Murray Gold’s phenomenal output as a composer began close to twenty years ago and he has stacked up five BAFTA nominations (two for Doctor Who) plus three Royal Television Society nominations and a win for Queer As Folk. In 2013 Murray Gold celebrated one his greatest musical accomplishments with a third Doctor Who Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.
Pure Gold!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

1 comment:

Maurice Mitchell said...

Gold has done an amazing job that season and is one of the greats.