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Intrada: COCOON [Expanded] - James Horner

Music Composed and Conducted by JAMES HORNER
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 260
By 1985, composer James Horner's career was flying fast and furious after scoring Star Trek II just a few years earlier. By the mid-80s Horner had broken the sound barrier, and in the summer of '85 he established his relationship with director Ron Howard on the 20th Century Fox film Cocoon. From the opening notes that evoke a sense of wonder, the viewer knows the film will take him on a magical journey. The music itself is no less a magical journey. At times the score evokes playfulness, adventure, romance, heartbreak, edge-of-your-seat suspense, and glory. All dimensions James Horner excels at and was his hallmark throughout the '80s.

Intrada's expanded re-issue of Cocoon is a long overdue reissue, less so for its expansion than for its sonic upgrade. The original album released in 1985 was prepared in accordance with that era’s aesthetics, with agreeable results, yet far removed from the original dynamics captured by engineer Armin Steiner on the Fox scoring stage. This release uses Steiner’s original 3-track mixes, resulting in a definitive presentation of one of the composer’s major early efforts. 

Another score from Intrada that is one of those ones that needed a re-release as the first was very limited when originally brought out. I cannot believe that here it is with composer Horner at the helm and thanks to Intrada going to finally be in my collection!! It's a good day to be a score collector and a fan of this film!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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