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Intrada: THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT [1977-2014] - Michel Legrand

Composed and Conducted by MICHEL LEGRAND
INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 290

Producer Frank Yablans was enamored of Michel Legrand’s score for The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, which he considered “one of the great scores of all time. We needed that kind of feel in [Midnight]. … I just felt he was the right person for it.” After scoring the cat-and-mouse love games of The Thomas Crown Affair and the yearning obsession of Summer of ’42 (and winning two Oscars in the process), Legrand was indeed the “right person” to bring a contemporary flair to this period melodrama. The film opens with soaring shots of decaying Greek ruins and the sunlit Mediterranean blue of the Aegean with a bouzouki setting the musical stage. As the camera pans to the prison, Legrand’s lush main theme soars in the strings. With Legrand trademarks like repeated chromaticism, intervallic sequences and unexpected modulations, the theme provides a romantic backdrop to the vengeful machinations that are brewing. The film also features a number of silent montages that allows Legrand’s score to breathe.

For this long-overdue CD premiere of The Other Side of Midnight, Intrada was provided access to the original two-track stereo album master prepared by the composer in 1977 for the 20th Century Records LP, vaulted in beautiful condition by UMG. The twelve tracks of the CD are presented in the same order as the original album.

Based on Sidney Sheldon’s 1974 bestseller, The Other Side of Midnight stars Marie-France Pisier (Cousin Cousine) as Noelle Page, a young actress who beds her way into becoming the mistress of a wealthy Greek tycoon (Raf Vallon), all the while plotting revenge on the pilot who deserted her in World War II Paris, Larry Douglas (John Beck), and his wife (Susan Sarandon).

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