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What Time is It?... PERRY MASON TIME!

Perry Mason Double Feature: The Case Of The Scandalous Scoundrel / The Case Of The Avenging Ace
The Case Of The Scandalous Scoundrel - When a reviled tabloid publisher is found dead in his pool, the female reporter he recently fired is the prime suspect. As Perry (Raymond Burr) and Della Street (Barbara Hale) try to get to the bottom of the case, Paul Drake Jr. (William Katt) gathers clues to help prove his friend's innocence. As they dig deeper into the case, a world of blackmail, scandal, and deceit uncovers many suspects with a possible motive to kill.

The Case Of The Avenging Ace - A high-ranking Air Force officer is convicted of homicide when a woman working with the military ends up dead. The Colonel attempts to appeal his conviction, but the lone defense witness is murdered before taking the stand. Perry (Raymond Burr) begins to question the Colonel's guilt when it becomes clear someone is working to thwart the appeal process. Paul Drake, Jr. (William Katt) and Della Street (Barbara Hale) assist Perry as he attempts to uncover the truth and clear the Colonel's name.

Perry Mason: The Case Of The Lady In The Lake / The Case Of The Lethal Lessons

The Case Of The Lady In The Lake - When a tennis player is arrested for the murder of his heiress wife, Perry (Raymond Burr) suspects foul play and takes on the case to ensure justice is served. Seen with a past lover the night before the murder, the accused's motive seems clear when the police find him in possession of the victim's bloody scarf. When the tennis star is taken off the court andc into the courtroom, Della (Barbara Hale) and Paul (William Katt) assist Perry as a man's innocence hangs in the balance.

The Case Of The Lethal Lesson - When one of Perry's (Raymond Burr) law students is discovered at the scene of a gruesome killing, Mason is reluctant to take the case, particularly as the victim is his friend's son. As it quickly becomes clear that Ken Malansky (William R. Moses) had a motive to kill, Perry must work through a tangled web of ex-lovers and jealous classmates to discover if his client is being framed or if he is, in fact, guilty of murderous revenge.

Perry Mason: The Case Of The Musical Murder / The Case Of The All-Star Assassin

The Case Of The Musical Murder - It's the final curtain call for a cruel theater director who is found dead, and the prime suspect is the recently fired stage manager. Perry (Raymond Burr) is the only alibi for the suspect and the prosecution is hard at work to discredit him. Perry may know the manager is innocent, but now he must prove it - which won't be easy when everyone seems to have wanted the victim dead.

The Case Of The All-Star Assassin - When the owner of a sports team is murdered, Perry (Raymond Burr) decides to assist former student Ken Malansky (William R. Moses) on one of his first cases. The case becomes clear when it turns out the owner didn't have many fans, and there are many who had interest in taking him out of the game.

You cannot go wrong when Perry Mason is on the case!
Jeremy [Howlin' Wolf]

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