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Madison Gate Records: NO GOOD DEED [2014] - Paul Haslinger

Madison Gate Records will issue a digital and physical release of the soundtrack for No Good Deed, the new thriller from Screen Gems on Tuesday September 9th. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features new music by Paul Haslinger. Screen Gems will release No Good Deed on September 12, 2014.

"No Good Deed offered a great opportunity to re-explore a style of score I had first developed for the film Vacancy (also Screen Gems, 2007): music designed to enhance psychological qualities in the telling of a story, in this case, a rather dark one,” Haslinger comments. “My personal preference for this kind of approach, is to mix classic film noir elements with music/sound-design elements, sometimes alternating, sometimes superimposing them. The goal ultimately was to connect the headspace of the characters with that of the audience, to make the audience feel the threads of the story as they watch it unfold. Working off great performances by Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, this was a unique and rewarding project to be involved with!”

Terri (Taraji P. Henson) is a devoted wife and mother of two, living an ideal suburban life in Atlanta when Colin (Idris Elba), a charming but dangerous escaped convict, shows up at her door claiming car trouble. Terri offers her phone to help him but soon learns that no good deed goes unpunished as she finds herself fighting for survival when he invades her home and terrorizes her family.  Directed by Sam Miller, written by Aimee Lagos, and produced by Will Packer & Lee Clay.  Starring Idris Elba, Taraji P. Henson, Leslie Bibb, Kate del Castillo and Henry Simmons.

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