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Silva Screen Records: EPIC THEMES

EPIC THEMES - Performed by the London Music Works: A 19 track collection of the very best Epic film themes in recent years. Cinema has in recent years returned to a world of spectacle both on screen and also within the soundtrack, earth-shattering, frenzied, explosive and inspirational themes. Epic Themes gathers together the very best of these highly evocative and exciting scores, all instantly recognisable not just for their film use but also for trailers, TV sound-beds and video games.

The album includes music from Inception, Tron: Legacy, The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar.

01. The Avengers - Alan Silvestri
02. Requiem for a Tower - Clint Mansell
03. Mind Heist - Zack Hemsey
04. A Dream Within A Dream (from “Inception”) - Hans Zimmer
05. Adagio in D Minor (from “Sunshine”) - John Murphy
06. Heart of Courage - Thomas J. Bergersen
07. Protectors of the Earth - Thomas J. Bergersen
08. Imagine The Fire (from “The Dark Knight Rises”) - Hans Zimmer
09. Recogniser (from “Tron: Legacy”) - Daft Punk
10. Woad To Ruin (from “King Arthur”) - Hans Zimmer
11. In the House – In a Heartbeat (from “28 Days Later”) - John Murphy
12. Hello Zep (from “Saw”) - Charlie Clouser
13. Gothic Power - Christopher Field (X-Ray Dog)
14. Injection (from “Mission: Impossible II”) - Hans Zimmer
15. No Time For Caution (from “Intestellar”) - Hans Zimmer
16. Prelude - Paul Jebanasam
17. Spirited Shift - Evan Jolly
18. Strength and Honor - Evan Jolly
19. Moments - Evan Jolly

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