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Wellgo USA Entertainment: CROSS [DVD] #CrosstheMovie @wellgousa

Internationally-acclaimed Hong Kong superstar Simon Yam (Ip Man franchise, Iceman, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) stars as a serial killer in the horrifying crime thriller CROSS, debuting on DVD and digital HD June 23 from Well Go USA Entertainment.  Devastated by his wife’s suicide, which according to his beliefs condemns her to hell, Lee Leung (Yam) decides to save as many souls as he can by killing suicidal people before they do it themselves. After surrendering himself to the police, he realizes that someone may have been pulling his strings all along.  Written (along with Steve Woo) and directed by Daniel Chan (Triad), CROSS also stars Jason Chang (Poker King), Kenny Wong (Tomorrow is Another Day), Morning Mo (Canapy), Kageyama Yukihiko (Kano), Liu Kai Chi (The Stool Pigeon) and Nick Cheung (Triad Election, The Stool Pigeon). 

Leonard (Simon Yam) has finally found a way to quench his blood thirst by killing those who wish to die but are too afraid to kill themselves.

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You will feel disturbed at the end, then feel the fingers on the back of your neck grab you...

Jeremy [The Wolf]

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