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A significant part of the 1993 Paramount film Indecent Proposal’s seductive charm is John Barry’s sad, sensual music.  In one of this most heartfelt themes of the '90s, the main theme captures the story’s essential feelings and honors its highest aspirations. An elegant piano melody floats across a warm string bed, and the sensation is one of romance tinged with sadness and loss. Throughout the score, strings are like beds of silk and champagne, and the piano— melodic and arpeggiated—is liberally sprinkled over them like rose petals. Everything is warm and luscious, even when the mood is sad or uncertain. Heartbreak is woven into the sensuality. Straightforwardly tonal, the score's mood ranges from nostalgically beautiful to dark and dangerous to sad and sexy.

At the time of the film's release, the soundtrack album to Indecent Proposal emphasized the songs heard in the film, including the original song to which John Barry contributed, “In All the Right Places,” and a single track medley running around 25 minutes. This new release features the complete John Barry instrumental score, newly mastered from the 1993 two-track stereo mixes by Shawn Murphy and Dennis Sands. This features every cue Barry recorded: film versions, album versions and alternate takes.

That path to an indecent proposal starts when Diana (Demi Moore) and David (Woody Harrelson), a young couple madly in love, run into financial straits. He’s an architect in the middle of building his dream house when the recession hits. So they venture to Vegas. There Diana encounters John Gage (Robert Redford), a wealthy billionaire who takes a shine to her. After the Murphys lose everything at the craps table, Gage swoops in and asks Diana to be his lady luck on a very expensive bet. He wins, and while schmoozing them with gratitude he coolly makes his indecent proposal: one night with her for $1 million. They balk at first, but the Murphys mull it over and decide to accept. That one night, the one they promised wouldn’t mean anything, begins to unravel their marriage and expose the true cost of the deal: consuming jealousy and heartbreak.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 317
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