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Cinedigm: TOOKEN [2015]

Lee Tergesen (“Oz,” Wayne’s World), Reno Wilson (“Mike & Molly”), Laura-Leigh (“We’re the Millers”), Margaret Cho (Notorious C.H.O), Lauren Stamile (“Scandal,” “Burn Notice”) and Joyce Bulifant (Airplane!) headline the star-studded, hilarious spoof Tooken, seeking revenge on DVD July 7 from Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM). The film is currently available on Digital HD.

Inspired by the short film, Taken 3 – Back to Normal, make sure not to miss all the sidesplitting fun with the crazy comedy directed by John Asher (Somebody Marry Me), co-written by Asher and Cameron Van Hoy (Sharkproof) and produced by Elevative Entertainment.

In this spoof film on the Taken action-film franchise, Bryan Mills (Lee Tergesen) is an ex-CIA agent now working as a mall security guard. He keeps finding his things are being taken from him—his wife, his dog…his daughter’s virginity. With the help of his ex-CIA elderly mother, Bryan battles his nemesis BrownFinger (Margaret Cho) to free his family and a pound of dogs in danger of exploding.
Sad someone gave a pretty funny cast a silly-not-entertaining-script... more of the why they did it or lost a bet.
Jeremy [The Wolf]

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