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3D Kitties!!

Explore the supernatural horror and suspense of the first and only Canadian 3-D feature!

WARNING: 3-D Effects may vary among individuals. Viewer discretion is advised! Do not watch alone! Explore the supernatural horror and suspense of The Mask, the first and only Canadian 3-D feature. Evil drives all who ware The Mask to madness... and murder! Put the glasses on when the mask is used in the movie and feel the terror behind The Mask. A young archaeologist believes he is cursed by a mask that causes him to have weird nightmares and possibly lead to murder. Before committing suicide, he mails the mask to his psychiatrist, Dr. Barnes, is soon plunged into the deadly psychiatrist nightmare world of The Mask. AKA: Eyes From Hell, Eyes of Hell, Fire Face and The Spooky Movie Show. *** Includes: 3-D Glasses ***


You'll Never Look At A Cat The Same Way Again Because It Has Nine Lives... You Only Have One!

NEW! In a Florida research lab, a seemingly harmless orange cat has developed the ability to transform itself into a hideous mutant creature. A group of gangsters and criminals unknowingly bring the furry monster aboard a yacht in the Caribbean. The heinous feline begins terrorizing the passengers and a desperate struggle for survival leads to a terrifying climax. Will George Kennedy or anyone survive the attacks from the "Uninvited"?

Cheezy Flicks

5/5 Good does not always mean good... bad is good to you know and here is a glowing example of that thought. Add some crazy messed up cat and some 3D glasses and play ball...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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