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A Warrior's Odyssey [2012] - Penka Kouneva

A Warrior's Odyssey
Available: October 2, 2012
Released By: Howlin' Wolf Records
Composer: Penka Kouneva

For Ordering/Details: [Click Here]

This is Howlin' Wolf Records' 12th Release and the first release that doesn't fall under a soundtrack, though you can label as a musical journey. The concept album features 18 original action, drama and fantasy themes recorded with A-list Hollywood musicians. Preview samples from the album are available [CLICK HERE], enjoy!

The album has received many endorsements by veteran film, game and TV composers calling it "fantastic," "a triumph," "remarkable," "passionate…."

Penka is a very nice person for one and also a great composer... so if you get the chance please check out the samples. It will be one you want to own for your collection.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



Unknown said...

This sounds great, Jeremy, especially with the praising quotes. And congrats on your 12th release! :-)

Alexis Mance said...

Checked out the soundtrack and I thought it was pretty good - the video went nice with it too.
- Misty

DEZMOND said...

sounds very nice, love epic music!