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This nine-film collector's set features installments in two major horror franchises, Halloween and Children of the Corn. In the Halloween series, serial killer Michael Myers unleashes terror with a vengeance. In the Children of the Corn series, a creepy cult of children wreaks havoc.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN II: THE FINAL SACRIFICE - When a tabloid reporter and his son travel to a quiet Midwestern town to investigate a gruesome massacre, they fall victim to a possessed orphan named Micah. CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN HARVEST - After a couple adopts a pair of orphaned brothers, it becomes alarmingly clear the boys are much more than they seem. CHILDREN OF THE CORN IV: THE GATHERING - A bright young medical student must solve the frightening mystery that plagues the children of a small Midwestern town. CHILDREN OF THE CORN V: FIELDS OF TERROR
- Six college students take a wrong turn and find themselves lost in a strangely deserted rural town. CHILDREN OF THE CORN 666: ISAAC'S RETURN - On a trip to Gatlin, Nebraska, to find her birth mother, Hannah picks up a dark stranger who kicks off a mysterious chain of events. CHILDREN OF THE CORN: REVELATION - Jamie Lowell uncovers the truth behind her grandmother's mysterious disappearance and disturbs a powerful evil that now seeks to destroy Jamie as well.

HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS - Six years after he was presumed dead in a fire, Michael Myers has returned to kill again—and this time there's no escape. HALLOWEEN: H2O - Laurie Strode is still struggling with the horrifying memories of Michael Myers when he suddenly reappears with a vengeance. HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION - Reality TV programmers select a group of thrill-seeking teenagers to spend one night in the childhood home of serial killer Michael Myers.

Echo Bridge Entertainment

5/5 A little late than never I say... so I held off for the whole winter coming, when you watch this you won't worry about the children in the corn. Love these movies... that is it, you get all but the first corn movie... and the last three Halloween films...
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

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