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Breaking Glass Pictures: 4 Dead Girls [2012]

4 Dead Girls
Release Date: 10/8/13
Released by: Breaking Glass Pictures

Lily, Lily’s best friend Bianca, Lily’s sister Lori, and Lori’s lover Pam move into their first off  campus house together. The antics and the  tempers run high. What they don’t know is that  the owner is a Nalusa Chito who eats the souls  of evil women. And he has locked them in the  house. For the girls, it is a battle to the death  because only the innocent can kill him.

• Interviews with the cast
• Deleted Scenes
• SFX creation
I tried to get into this, I just had some trouble believing these girls would live together as they did, how do these people ever find themselves wanting to live like this. I know it's a movie, but I don't need the group that is so different as a group so much that I just don't care. So between good girls and the bad girls in enter the Soul Taker, this nut-nut was scary from the start.
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]


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