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La-La Land Records: NBC'S GRIMM [SEASONS I and II] - Richard Marvin


La-La Land Records will release the GRIMM Music From Season One and Two – Original Television Soundtrack on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. The album features original music from the first two seasons of the series, composed by Richard Marvin (In Treatment, Six Feet Under).
GRIMM is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales. After Portland Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) discovers he’s descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as ”Grimms,” he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a ”Grimm.”

The show is part fairy tale, part police procedural and requires a good amount of original music for each weekly episode.  “I’m really trying to score the show in a cinematic way like a movie,” he described.  “I’ve always thought that the success of any good show if the long story arc that runs from episode to episode, and that should be the principal part of the score.”

He explained, “Every episode contains themes that I have written for a lot of the show’s characters.  There is also usually a theme for the creature that is featured in the episode. Then there is an Aunt Marie theme, a search in the woods theme, an Adalind theme, a five families/Renard theme and several Nick and Juliette themes.  Most of the instrumentation is based on solo strings, mostly solo cello.”

GRIMM airs on NBC, returning on October 25th for its third season.  The GRIMM Music From Season One and Two – Original Television Soundtrack on La-La Land Records will be available at and other retailers on October 22, 2013.

I went to my mailbox and there it was, Grimm-grinning at me... I was thrilled and shocked to see it, I am loving it... just in time for the Halloween Madness. Thank you, yeah... I know you are jealous!
Jeremy [HWR:OLM]

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